Thursday, March 10, 2005

A single point in time

What do we an encounter with the divine? The person who even for an instant is in touch with that pure timeless state that Buddhists call nirvana. It is the I AM, Saint Augustine called it "That Which Is"; Saint Bernard, "the Energetic Word", Hegel called it "Absolute Spirit", The Atman, Yahwah, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, Vishnu, Buddha, Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is called Enlightenment, it is my Awakening. I am beginning to wake from lifetimes of slumber. Distractions abound but I pound on the walls of my skin, aching to get out. I hold, hold, hold it back, stemming the tide, the flood, the deluge of love, possibility, the spark that is within me, burning to infinite nothingness. aching for a wisp of wind to fan it's all, its nothing, knowing that once burning it is unquenchable.

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