Saturday, August 26, 2006

Breathe and Live

Look at the sky and see your future
Look at the ground and see the everpresent now
Look to the water and see the peace that shall envelope you

What is your focus today, right now, this very breath?
Take that breath and let it out, let your body drive you forward
to now.

And now what have you decided to do. Take that breath, feel it course
your veins, fill your brain with life giving energy, a vehicle for your
very soul.

Your soul.
Your soul residing in that gift of life. A chance to narrow the
incredible, broad swath of vision. An opportunity to ride the wave of life
through the narrows. The narrows, the rapids, the challenge of working on
what you don't want to work on.

The funny thing is it isn't really work, it's just letting go.

Let go, breathe, think, create and act.

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