Friday, February 06, 2009

25 things about me

I recently filled out the 25 Things about me meme on Facebook. Here's what I came up with.

1. An older friend of mine got me my first fake ID. It was an ID for an Art College in Boston. I looked like I was 14 on the ID but a liquor store a couple towns over didn't care. I was 16, I thought I was a stud.

2. I got carded on a first date. Problem was I was 25 and we were going in to an R rated movie. The movie was 9 1/2 weeks. I didn't get a second date. I definitely wasn't a stud.

3. The best thing that has ever happened to me is being blessed to be in life with my incredible son Eli

4. I went to Michael Jordan’s house in Chicago and was part of a crew interviewing him for a recruiting video. He was awesome and let us stay awhile afterward and talk/tour his house.

5. I absolutely love to cook but sometimes a can of cold spaghettios will do.

6. I once almost drowned in the ocean as a kid and was saved by a woman I didn’t really know.

7. I lost my nerve to play trumpet when I failed a tryout for Jazz Band in High School. The song still reverberates in my head sometimes. It was Stevie Wonder’s My Cheri Amore.

8. I rode the perfect wave on a boogie board, in the fog off of Nauset beach on Cape Cod. The distance I rode was close to 100 yards. What was inspiring about it was the visibility was about 50ft in the fog and I glided through the fog on this awesome wave and suddenly the shore appears with my vacationing family and friends unaware of what just happened.

9. I secretly love when technology goes awry because I love the challenge of making things right again.

10. I have a few select friends who I allow to call me Neilsy.

11. The first concert I went to was Linda Ronstadt. I had a vanload of friends whom I almost killed on the way home.

12. Bob Hope once gave me a wink and a finger point.

13. I used to make money during college as a magician. I was giving this one show to a group of 8 year old kids and my grand finale illusion messed up and I said shit. I chose to never do a paid gig again, I felt so bad. However, I’ll show you a few tricks if you give me a beer or two.

14. I love to camp and sleep under the stars by a fire in cold weather.

15. One of my favorite shows that I produced was about a missile silo that had been converted into a home. It cost $20 million to build in the early 60s but was purchased in the late 80s for $45,000. It was only in operation for 2 years. That's the government for ya!

16. I accepted an award on C-span once and had the temerity to use proliferation in my speech.

17. I think I love working on my Son’s Pinewood Derby car more than he does. I’m still a kid at heart.

18. If I had to choose a career all over again I’d be a Meteorologist.

19. I am outwardly in love with my IPhone

20. I have traveled out of body many times. I do not fear death because of this.

21. I believe life is just a game we play to confront the things we are unwilling to look at.

22. I’ve never been more at peace in this lifetime than when I’m sailing in a stiff breeze.

23. I’m a really good listener. People tell me they like me for this.

24. I am a fan of all things Google but secretly fear they have inched ahead of Microsoft, vying for the position of Global Digital Overlord.

25. I used to produce the University of Kansas Football / Basketball shows. I went to virtually every game from 1982 to 1990. I’d rather watch it at home now in HD.

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