Saturday, December 18, 2004

Authentic Ramblings

What the Bleep

I saw a movie not to long ago that got me wondering about reality. Does what we see, hear, feel and experience have any basis in reality or is it all experiential? The movie was called What the Bleep Do We Know?

It posited that our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, our environment and the people around us were shaped and affected at the quantum level. For instance, my turning 40 a couple years back seemed to start a cascade of ailments. A bad knee, migraines, etc. When I really took a look at my belief system surrounding the fact that I turned 40, some of the hidden conversations in my head surprised me. I was actually telling myself that it was time to stop taking risks physically as my body was getting old, easily broken and weak. As soon as I recognized those thought patterns (aided by my incredibly loving and powerful wife Tricia) I stopped having all the symptoms, stopped taking all the medications and have lost 30 pounds. How's that for perceptions and internal conversations affecting reality!

I really believe, and as you can see, have experienced that as human beings, we have enormous power that has been untapped. Being able to develop that through awareness is part of the attraction of this inward focus. Just by thinking about it, we can make changes. The more we become aware of our life shaping ability, the more we see, acknowledge and accept those changes. It becomes a steamroller in the sense that our reality positively feeds back a response.

Our very words and thoughts move nature to respond in kind. Say a kind word . . . if only to yourself.

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