Thursday, January 20, 2005

Is it safe to eat beef anymore?

I used to love a good slice of roast beef, a tasty steak or a juicy hamburger. But about a year ago I watched a video of how cows are slaughtered and processed and my wife Tricia and I decided enough is enough. We torture our cows to death and they are processed in horrible, potentially disease ridden places. It is only a matter of years before people start showing signs of mad cow. I think the danger is upon us already. I just came accross an article that pretty much states the case for why I don't eat beef, or most any meat for that matter, for health and ethical reasons.

Also, as a society we spend way too much money raising cattle to supply the ridiculous notion that we need the protein that meat supplies to survive. It doesn't take much sustenance for us as a species to survive in a healthy manner. We eat way too much, the portions are huge and our body is sloughing off most of what we shove in. Frankly it's disgusting.

Here are some statistics I found to think about.

Number of people worldwide who will die as a result of malnutrition this year: 20 million.

Number of people who could be adequately fed using land freed if Americans reduced
their intake of meat by 10%: 100 million.

Percentage of corn grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock: 80.

Percentage of oats grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock: 95.

How frequently a child dies as a result of malnutrition: every 2.3 seconds.

Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on an acre: 40,000.

Pounds of beef produced on an acre: 250.

Percentage of U.S. farmland devoted to beef production: 56.

Pounds of grain and soybeans needed to produce a pound of beef: 16.

What good is meat for the body? ZERO! Contrary to popular belief, meat is not the type of protein that the body needs or utilizes.

So, why would you eat meat? There can only be one possible reason left to eat meat, and that would be taste! Let me ask you this question! In a world that is so rampid with disease and where one in every three people will get cancer, why would you want to eat something just for the taste when it can do your body not much good at all, and in fact will do more harm then good? For me the answer is simple!
"I don't!"

Think about cutting down the amount of meat you eat. Think about not eating beef at all anymore. It may just save your life.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -- Mohandas Gandhi

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