Friday, May 27, 2005

Stop it! Do it!

What are you doing with your life? I mean really, what difference are you going to make today? This is the moment to make a decision. Stop playing games. Stop thinking that tomorrow is the day you will make a difference. Because tomorrow comes and you don't act, you don't move, you sit in front of the computer, the TV, and get "stoned" on supposed reality TV.

I think that for a lot of people life is a narcotic that lulls you into a dazed existence. Numbly going from sleep to shower, to car, to work, to home, to xbox, to tv, to computer and to sleep. Of course there are a few moments during any given week that you truly feel connected. Maybe your favorite team wins the big game or your loved one truly touches you, or you somehow make a difference in someone's life. But generally the way our life is constructed in this day an age we do our best to not feel. We are stunned by the way our "adult" life has turned out. You know that feeling, "Is that all there is?"

What was the best time in your life? Was it when you were a kid with nothing to do but play and eat, taken care of by a loving family; was it in High School when you had oh so many friends and life came easy and you were the star of the photo club, the football team, the art club or some other place that helped identify who you are today. Was it when you got your first car, first girl, first house first first first..... I know that I often live in the thought that life will get better when I get . . . when I become . . . when when when when. All of this thinking is no good for me. It causes my very being to be present in a future that hasn't even happened yet. Not only that, it makes me look at my life now and not be happy and look for that happiness when and if I get that car, that house, that wife. It doesn't work for me anymore. I live in the moment and when I live into my future I do so with a goal, or a possibility in mind. Such as, I live in the possibility of being courageously self-expressed and a leader in action now. So living in that possibility I create my future from that.

on another note:

I love to look into my beloveds eyes. They so much reflect how I feel about myself, my family and my world. Truly, reality is mirrored in the perceptions of the people around you. How could that possibly be?
When you go inside your head, you know, the place where you constantly have a voice whispering, usually yelling, about the many things you still need to do or the many things that you have done wrong. That place is reflective of your skewed perceptions. The perceptions that you are always right, and they are always wrong. Or, that you can never be good enough; or that you will never make a difference; or that you will never be lovable. That voice indulges your fantasies and your fears. It's all misperceptions.

When you look out into the world you are seeing a reflection of everything that makes up who you are. Not only that but it also more accurately reflects who you are and how you affect the world. It's through your speaking that you affect those perceptions and that reality. So find your voice, speak up and speak out. Declare what you believe in, and call forth a new and more powerful reality. You are incredible! There is so much more to think, feel and do. So just do it!

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