Sunday, June 19, 2005

Turn the other cheek

Recently I have been challenged by anger, pride and the desire for revenge. I imagined all the ways I could get revenge. All the favors, friends and lawyers that I know who could come thunderously smashing down. If I put the wheels in motion it would happen. But could I live with myself? Granted it seemed ill will was directed our way but . . .

It is so hard to turn the other cheek. You know, when someone does something that hurts you, that makes you angry, that makes you question motives or intent. It goes against every primordial cell in our being. In todays society it's seen as supine cowardice. Rolling over and exposing the underbelly. I see it as opening up to Gods will, to trusting in God. Turning the other cheek is forgiveness; A knowing of sorts that you are being given a lesson by God and justwhat am I going to do with that lesson?

To turn the other cheek is to trust in God. To turn the other cheek is to go beyond what is expected. The other person expects us to retaliate but instead we wish the other person well. We strive to act like "chips off the old block" -- like our father in heaven. He forgives and provides out of his goodness and so must we. He has mercy and wishes well and so should we. As we interact with other people in light of the Gospel, we begin to learn that we are no more or no less worthy of God's love than our fellow human beings. We being to understand that we are all children of God. As we work out the implications of the Gospel in our everyday lives we learn to appreciate how far love must go beyond what is expected.

What did I choose? I chose to turn the other cheek. To rise above my primordial self and seek the light of God. To trust in God and and continue to whittle away at my need to be right, the need to dominate. I meditated and powerfully chose to forgive and love.

In the meantime I seek to know God, know myself, and know my neighbor. . . and continue being . . . just being.

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