Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rain memories

Rain travels time
bringing memories of bus stops
staring in bored fascination as trails slide down panes

bundled papers in the rain
clapboardtree street taken one step at a time
the poignant smell of wet paper pulls me through the portal

walking the streets to the steady drum on my slicker
each step an affirmation of worth, dedication and money
the paper thrown, slides along gravel resting til coffee scents envelope

waiting patiently as the surface swirls and recedes, the cane woven seat
pressing in to my flesh as I cast again,
rain often chases the bites but sometimes encourages,
my Dad teaches patience and I cast again

laying on my back the must of canvas around me, Greenfield, wet pine
trails taken by bike, both wet and dry, it matters not
two weeks one Summer, of bliss, abandon, no worries just life

the rain reminds, releases the scents which release the memories

I love the rain

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